Over 100 years of innovation

The foundation of the company Claes Johansson was done in year 1895, by Claes Johansson.

At a young age he started learning tin-smithing, helping his father and grandfather to manufacture different kind of household products from tin plates, which they sold by travelling around to different markets.  In 1895, at the age of 35, Claes Johansson expanded the production and founded the company. After his passing in 1933, one of his eight children, Agne Claesson, bought out his siblings from the company and continued the work of his father.  At this time the product focus was different kinds of equipment for agriculture and later on also a wide range of household products for the Swedish company “Nils-Johan”.

1960volvoIn the early 1960’s the company was taken over by the third generation of the family. Contacts were made with AB Volvo and the first pedals were supplied, starting with simple designs used in low volume military vehicles. From this time on the focus was turned towards automotive, however high precision casings for the electronics industry played an important role during the 1970´s.

pedals_historyThe tubular arm concept was developed during the 1960´s, with the idea coming from a bicycle front fork. This was the real entrance to the automotive industry and still the tubular arm is a vital part of our product concept.

The big expansion of the company started in the 1980´s, when the company also was listed on the stock market to fund the growth.  Later on in the 1990´s the company became part of large international Groups, i.e. Teleflex Automotive. From being a supplier to the Swedish vehicle manufacturers, large international programs from GM, Ford, JLR among others were awarded.



Since 2009 the company is privately owned and renamed to CJ Automotive. With the new ownership it has been on top of the agenda to strengthen CJ Automotive as a global partner to its customers. First step was taken in 2012 when the fully owned Chinese operation was established in Chongqing.  The global expansion has thereafter continued with the acquisition of the former Autoline operations in Indiana, US and Korea in 2014.

CJ Automotive is today a global company in the absolute forefront in terms of development and manufacturing of pedal systems.

Proud to supply the following global vehicle manufacturers